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Online Nutrition Coaching

$75 per month

Valid for 6 months

I use the interactive, user-friendly Seasons software to deliver customized macro/calorie targets, track progress, and communicate with my clients. With the daily log you can easily record nutrition (calories, protein, carbs, fat, and fiber), weight, hydration, sleep, and emotions (hunger, mood, stress, and energy). Weekly check-ins with progress photos, reflection questions, and data summaries provide accountability and are stamps in time that allow us to evaluate progress and determine next steps. The messaging feature allows you to reach out to me 24/7 with questions or concerns. My nutrition coaching service is just $25 for the first month and there is no long-term commitment required. Contact me today if you would like more information or to schedule a free consultation. I would love to discuss your personal goals and how I can help you reach them!

$75 per month

Valid for 6 months

Online Personal Training

I use the industry-leading TrueCoach interactive app to deliver customized exercise programs and communicate with my clients. The app is trusted by over 15,000+ personal trainers, coaches, and gym owners worldwide! You can quickly log your workouts, view demonstration videos, upload video results, post comments, and direct message me right from TrueCoach. All of the information you need about your workout plan is in the app so we can focus on reaching your goals. My online personal training service is just $25 for the first month and there is no long-term commitment required. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your personal goals and how our coach/client partnership can help you reach them!

Team 360 Muscle Bikini Division

Competition Prep Coaching

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I offer online competition prep coaching for Team 360 Muscle bikini division athletes that includes customized calorie/macro targets and nutrition guidance, as well as a goal specific training regimen. My program for competition prep nutrition coaching and personal training includes the above referenced Seasons and True Coach apps. I also work closely with our posing coaches to ensure our athletes are fully prepared to shine on stage. Since I understand that competition prep is very physically and mentally demanding, I believe frequent, open communication between client and coach is critical to success. I provide accountability and support with unlimited email, messaging, phone calls, and/or video chat as well as scheduled weekly check-ins. I also offer reverse diet and improvement season coaching for our bikini division athletes post competition. Please complete the form below if you are interested in competition prep coaching. 

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